We recycle, and we’re eco-friendly!

Kilo Shop We recycle, and we’re eco-friendly!

Our brand is entirely based on the concept of recycling vintage clothes, which we give a second lease of life at Kilo Shop shops! Our brand is strongly geared towards respect for the environment. We offer a different, more sustainable form of consumption: clothes last, and they can make someone else happy.

Kilo Shop benefits from the expertise of the Eureka Fripe group, which has become a worldwide leader in the second-hand clothing sector! Each piece sold at Kilo Shop is carefully selected by our teams that are mobilised by ethical and responsible fashion!

Reduce Reuse Recycle

By reusing 100% of the materials collected, Kilo Shop contributes to the preservation of natural resources and the environment.


We distribute a selection of the most attractive pieces—those which can be reused and receive a second lease of life via second-hand clothing supply chains.


This resource is where we focus all our attention when it comes to sorting and processing ready-to-shelve clothes.

Kiloshop Price Info

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Kilo Shop is a concept based on selling men's and women's vintage clothes by the kilo (second-hand). Each item’s price is determined by its weight and the colour on its tag. All items are unique, original pieces. There’s something for everyone!

20€/KG red, 30€/KG green, 40€/KG blue, 60€/KG yellow

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