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Our customers buy their clothes by weight
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40 years of innovation and know-how in second-hand clothing
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A concept that's easy on the wallet... and the environment!

When our customers walk through the door of our shops, they know they’ll easily do good business! For almost 40 years, Kilo Shop has been offering a wide range of second-hand clothing for all tastes and for the whole family. Clothing sold by the kilo, to customers who are looking for affordable prices, vintage and original pieces, and who wish to reduce their environmental footprint by wearing second-hand clothing that’s already been worn.

You should become a Kilo Shop franchisee if you:

Would like to run a business and work with a trusted group, and if you have a taste for business, love fashion and are looking for a good return on investment... There are many reasons to work for a recognised brand, thanks to its original concept, efficiency and organisation

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